Each graduation is a unique and special event whether it’s a graduation from highschool where our children become propelled into adulthood or a graduation from an esteemed college that’s prepared them for advancement in their field. We want to help celebrate their achievements! If you want to celebrate with a ceremony of your own or a fun and elaborate dance party, we can accommodate your needs. After all, these are once-in-a-lifetime achievements!

Frequently Asked Questions

How long before the event can we have access to the venue for preparation?
We will work with you on an individual basis to make sure you have plenty of time to set up for your event.
Are tables, chairs, plates, and silverware provided or will I be responsible for bringing them myself?
We can provide tables and chairs for a setup/teardown fee.  You will want to bring any other items that you need for your event.
How many people can the event center accommodate?
With tables and chairs setup, our venue will accommodate up to 160 upstairs and 120 downstairs.
Is the price of the event based on headcount, by the hour, or a flat fee?
For most events we rent the venue by the hour or day.   However we realize there may be a special case where another pricing structure would be more suitable for an event.  If you believe this is the case, please ask and we will try and accommodate your special situation.
Can you handle the setup and teardown for me?
We offer setup of tables and chairs to suit your needs both upstairs and downstairs, please see our pricing page for more information.
Can I bring my own tables and chairs?
No, to protect our floors, we only allow use of our own tables and chairs.
How much parking is available at the event center?
We have 42 parking spots available on our property and there is an adjacent lot available for overflow parking that can be requested if needed.
What are the nearest airports?
There are international airports in Nashville, TN and Louisville KY, both are a similar distance from Midtown Events Center. There is also a small airport in Bowling Green that is used for lightweight aircraft.
Are there hotels nearby?
There are several hotels within easy driving distance of Midtown Events Center, you can find a list at
Is there a contract required?
Yes, it varies a little bit depending on the event, if you’d like to see a copy, please email us at
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